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Platinum Photographs

Photographs, hand-made with platinum metals are exceptionally beautiful; the depth, luminosity, and extensive tonal range photographers create with platinum is virtually unmatched by other printing processes. Platinum metals are gently brushed onto fine art paper to make a print; the result is a unique handcrafted image.

As well as possessing marvelous aesthetic qualities, platinum prints are extremely stable and are considered to be among the most permanent photographs ever invented. Prints made with platinum metals are coveted by fine art collectors, not only as investments, but primarily because platinum prints are enduring and sensuous works of art.

This Contact printing process was used primarily from 1873 to 1914/1916, when platinum paper was replaced for the most part by palladium. Both types of prints are extremely permanent and have delicate rich tones and ranges of grays that are unobtainable in silver prints. Palladium was introduced in 1916 when platinum became too expensive and difficult to acquire as a result of World War I. As no gelatin emulsion is used, the final print has a matte surface with a deposit of platinum and/or palladium absorbed slightly into the paper. This process is enjoying a revival today, with a number of contemporary photographers hand-coating their paper with specially prepared platinum and/or palladium emulsions.

V. Tony Hauser has been refining his techniques of platinum/palladium printing for the past thirty years and has produced a stunning limited edition collection of work in platinum and palladium.


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