Stage Directors of the Stratford Festival’s 2022 Season

Inviting the nine directors of the Stratford Festival's 2022 season was borne out of my desire to celebrate the art of live performances.

When we watch and marvel at the gifted actors as they embody the familiar or unique characters - classical and contemporary - we might forget that many behind-the-scenes individuals have contributed to what we see on the four stages at Stratford.

They all contributed, from the stagehands, the costume and set designers to the builders and sewists, the wigmakers, the producers and the publicists, the building custodians, the box-office staff and the generous financial supporters to let us enjoy the shows.

And so, of course, are the people who guide, direct and inspire the actors, the stage directors. So it is those artists that I wish to pay tribute to with these portraits.

I thank the subjects of these photographs for their trust and patience in sitting for a portrait session with me. Also, I thank my studio manager, Sarah Faulkner, my friend and post-production magician, Victor Tavares, and the Stratford Festival for providing the space for this exhibition.

UPFRONT  is now on display for theatre audiences - and also for visitors during regular box office hours – in the lobby of the Festival Theatre,  55 Queen Street Stratford Ontario until the end of the 2022 season

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