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Documentary Credits:

Photographer:  V. Tony Hauser
Director: Celine Chiturai
Producer: Cierra Wieja
Cinematographer & Lead Editor: Nicolas Lehmann
Editor: Sean Weinerman
Still photography post production: Victor Tavares & Sarah Faulkner

Thank you to the following for their contribution:

Johannes Debus, Canadian Opera Company, Joel Ivany, Against the Grain Theatre, Amplified Opera, Opera InReach, Sue Mortimer, Joy Levine, Anton M. Hauser, Breeda and Mike McClew 

Review: ARIAS: Canadian Voices of Opera—documentary reflects today’s opera truth by Jenna Simeonov

"V. Tony Hauser’s new documentary, ARIAS: Canadian Voices of Opera, is something we didn’t know we needed."

"Simple as it may be, Hauser’s film is a completely welcome visit with some of Canada’s most exciting artists. Better yet, it’s a fiercely accurate capturing of a moment in opera’s history."

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