Maasai Men Jumping

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“Maasai Men Jumping”, from The Majestic Maasai collection, is a 15 x 23 inch archival carbon pigment print, matted with acid-free board. Both print and mat are signed by the artist.

Edition 2/8 is currently available.

In 2007, 2008 and 2010 photographer V. Tony Hauser travelled to Kenya donating his time to document the humanitarian work of Canadian NGO (then called) Free the Children. Attracted and captivated by the complex customs of various African tribes Hauser became acquainted with traditional Maasai villagers who ultimately invited him to their home to be photographed. Intrigued by the Maasai’s regal poise and serenity, Hauser began to make portraits with both modern and antique cameras resulting in intimate, engaging and elegant images of tribal chiefs, elders, families and children or young ‘warriors’ at the brink of manhood.